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The Austin PALS Alumni Corps

Statement of Purpose: The Austin PALS Alumni Corps will assist with fundraising and advocacy for the long-term sustainability of the Austin ISD PALS Program, with an initial focus on growing the YouthLaunch Austin PALS Endowment Fund at the Austin Community Foundation.

The Austin PALS Alumni Corps is part of the Austin ISD PALS Stewardship Initiative.

Why the Austin PALS Alumni Corps?

As alumni of the Austin ISD Peer Assistance, Leadership & Service (PALS) Program, we understand that children with peer mentors do better socially, emotionally and academically. We believe that every AISD student in need should have access to a peer mentor, and we deeply value the transformative power of being a PALS student. As PALS, we learned that we could make a difference. Now, we’re giving back to the program by helping to evolve and expand its positive impact on our community.

Here's the scoop:

The Austin ISD PALS Program was in jeopardy a few years ago due to a lack of organized support. Thanks to some dedicated friends, Austin PALS is now at a crossroads full of promise. We're forming the Austin PALS Alumni Corps to take advantage of current opportunities for growth and protect the future of the program.


There are 40+ years of Austin PALS alumni, or “PALumni,” who believe in serving others and who recognize the benefits of a caring, dedicated older student spending time each week mentoring a younger at-risk student. We are an untapped resource for the Austin ISD PALS Program.

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