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The Austin ISD PALS Stewardship Initiative

We have a long history with the Peer Assistance, Leadership & Service (PALS) Program in the Austin Independent School District (AISD). Our organization was inspired by this transformative program. As peer mentors and student leaders, AISD PALS students truly embody our "youth empowerment through service" mantra. Established in 2013, the Austin ISD PALS Stewardship Initiative is a public/private partnership between YouthLaunch and Austin ISD aimed at helping the PALS Program in Austin serve as a truly model program.

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Key elements in this partnership include:

  • Program support and expansion

  • Funding support

  • Enhanced communication

  • Curriculum development support

  • Expanded training and networking opportunities for PALS students and teachers

  • The Austin PALS Alumni Corps, an alumni network for the sustained stewardship of the Austin ISD PALS Program

  • The YouthLaunch Austin PALS Endowment Fund, (in collaboration with the Austin Community Foundation)

  • Maximizing synergies between PALS and the Department of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) & Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) in AISD

For more information about the Austin ISD PALS Stewardship Initiative and YouthLaunch's school and community partnerships, contact Fritz Fitzpatrick - Email:  |  Phone: (512) 657-7579


For more information on the Austin ISD PALS Program and resources for teachers and students, visit the AISD PALS website:

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