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Young voices have the power to create change in our schools and communities.

At YouthLaunch we believe in youth empowerment through service. When our youth are given the chance to make a positive difference, they become empowered. Service is a means for young people to connect with peers and community members to affect positive change.
Our mission is to foster programs and partnerships that empower young people to become change makers in their schools, communities, and the world beyond.
A systems-level approach to youth empowerment
Through our strategic partnerships, we advocate for youth service learning programs that give young people the chance to make a positive difference.
Stewardship Initiative

Austin ISD PALS student mentors support younger peers at feeder elementary and middle schools and build tolerance and community-mindedness in their schools. 

Established in 2013, The PALS Stewardship Initiative is a public/

private partnership between YouthLaunch and Austin ISD 

aimed at helping the AISD PALS Program to serve as a truly model program.  Read more...

The YouthLaunch/
KIPP Austin Partnership

YouthLaunch collaborates closely with KIPP Austin Public Schools in efforts centered on strengthening peer mentoring programs and services. A key feature of this collaboration has been the Plan II/KIPP Partnership, whereby students from the Plan II Honors Program at The University of Texas at Austin serve as mentors and resources to younger students at KIPP Austin.  Read more...


Our Partners

YouthLaunch believes that collaboration is key to successful youth service programs. We currently partner with a variety of schools, government agencies, and community organizations to design, implement, and operate programs through which young people develop the skills and assets they need for lifelong success while providing needed service to the community.

Become a partner...

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