Legacy YouthLaunch Programs

Urban Roots: 

An award-winning youth development program in which underserved teens cultivate an organic urban farm, and in the process, learn about sustainable agriculture, leadership, and community engagement. Now an independent nonprofit!

No Kidding: Straight Talk From Teen Parents: 

A peer education program developed in collaboration with the Child Support Division of the Texas Attorney General’s Office engaging current and former teen parents as peer educators who taught other young people about the realities and responsibilities of parenthood, No Kidding was adopted by Engender Health and evolved to become their Re:MIX! program.

Project PALnet: 

Provided computer-based networking opportunities for PAL (Peer Assistance Leadership) teachers to facilitate greater communication and sharing of best practices

The Master PAL Teacher System: 

Engaged exemplary veteran PAL teachers to provide training and support to other PAL teachers across Texas

The Conservation Education Initiative: 

A collaboration with the National Fish and Wildlife Federation engaging young people as peer educators about conservation and environmental issues


The Regional Youth Network: 

A platform for PAL students to volunteer at State Hospitals


Protecting You/Protecting Me: 

A collaboration with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), engaging young people as peer educators for alcohol-related health and safety issues


The Model District Initiative:

A collaboration with Austin ISD aimed at helping Austin ISD serve as a model district for the PALS program and related youth empowerment strategies


Teen Big Mentoring Initiative: 

A collaboration with Big Brothers Big Sisters aimed at helping BBBS agencies to make more frequent and effective use of teens as mentors


Youth Partnership for Change: 

A substance abuse prevention program which engages young people as peer educators to increase public awareness of alcohol and its effect on the adolescent brain


YouthLaunch Scholarship for Outstanding Service: 

YouthLaunch provided recognition and scholarship assistance to selected Texas high school students with distinguished records of service within their school communities.